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I left nursing, USA, for Nollywood – Ujams Cbriel

Ujams Cbriel kicked off his career in the year 2004 and has starred in numerous Nollywood movies.


1. Passion Of A Widow
2. Ill-begotten
3. Corrupting The Young Mind
4. Principal’s Daughter
5. Loud Silence
1. My Treasure “Foes”
2. Farm House
3. Brethren
4. Nirvana
5. The House

A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University graduate, Ujams Cbriel has also featured in reality TV shows, such as: THE GREAT SEARCH 2008 (By AIT/DAAR COMMUNICATIONS) GLO ROCK N ROLL 2009 & Gulder Ultimate Search 2012.

When did you realize you loved acting/How did you start?

Since Primary School. Finally decided to act on my Passion in 2004 by attending an audition at Climax hotel Angwan Pama Kaduna State. I shot my first movie “Kwanjimanji” released same year.

How would you describe your acting style?

Believable. I tried to become not act. That’s why I always submit my self to the character I want to play, and the director.

What’s your most recent project?

My last project was “Sanitation Day” with PHB films in partnership with Filmone, directed by Seyi Babatope. An Amazing project where I played a unique character. Co-starring the likes of Nse Etim, Blossom Chukwujekwe, Charles Enoji, Rita Edwards. A star studded project.

Any training to help perfect your delivery?

I have attended many off and online schools for both filmmakers and actors and hoping to do more studies.

What was your first movie role like?

My first ever role in an actual movie set is “Zotanga” in the movie Kwanjimanji 2004. I really enjoyed playing Zotanga. He was the greatest warrior of his time

Which of the roles you’ve played is your favourite?

This is got to be ironic because my favourite is the script I so hated. After release, I got the highest curses from the viewers and I can’t blame them. Watch “Corrupting the Young Mind” the find out why. It is now on YouTube. I played the role of an intelligent home tutor who molested the Child he was tutoring. I hated the script because I am very close to a lot of kids and as we know most viewers take movies literally. It took courage to play the role because I wanted to expose such a hideous act to both parents and children.

What is your dream role?

To Play Jesus Christ.

Love life?

Sincerely, after some failed attempts in relationships, I am single for now.

Who are your favourite actors? What do you love about them?

I have several of them but just to mention two.

1. Richard Mofe-Damijo, because of the way he sinks in the roles he Play and of course his consistency.
2. Ebele Okaro. Her passion is surprisingly overwhelming. I mean how can you be in the industry for this long with all ups and downs and yet your passion has remained unshakable? THE EFFULGENCE OF GLORY OF GOD

Favourite movies and shows?

My favourite movies are all my movies and Gulder Ultimate Search

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I love playing with children/ I once played a clown in real life

If you were given a huge budget and asked to make a classic, what genre would it be?

Gospel Fantasy. As a matter of fact, I have a script down for it waiting for the huge budget. Very soon.

What’s your favourite thing about Nollywood?

Our stories. We have so many untapped stories, haha we are just getting started.

What’s Nollywood’s greatest flaw?

Refusal to organise our home market.

What are your hopes for the industry?

Hoping to organise our market and reasonable distribution of production budget. High production values. Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Respect, training and a general reorientation

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

That point when anybody finds peace and learns a good lesson from watching me interpret my character in a movie and then decide to change for the better. I must note here that I received a call from London at the height COVID-19 pandemic about some nurses who relax their patients with Nollywood movies. Mine was mostly played.

What’s your advice to younger and emerging actors?

if you find passion and purpose doing it, go ahead. Be professional about it. Acting is not for lazy people.

Are you proud of the path you are and who you are becoming?

I left Nursing in the USA for Acting. Sometimes I look at myself and say boy you are insane. I guess that’s why acting means more to me. Yes, I am proud to know how therapeutic the work of art is. I am happy I made it to this great industry “NOLLYWOOD”.

Any regrets?


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